Harsh Realities and Little Known Facts About Auto Services

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Harsh Realities and Little Known Facts About Auto Services

If your car is making certain noises or emitting certain odours, there may be something wrong with it. Hi! My name is Emmeline, and I love working with cars. I grew up in the outback, and my papa had me by his side while he was fixing cars and agriculture equipment from the time I was very little. The process still fascinates me. I decided to create a blog devoted to auto service, and in this space, I plan to post a bit of everything, ranging from little known facts to harsh realities about cars. I hope that you like these posts and that they help you learn more about auto service.

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How to Make Sure That You Pass Your Roadworthiness Test

If you're a newly minted immigrant, you may be getting used to the Australian way of life and learning very quickly about its idiosyncrasies. If you're from another westernised society then the culture shock should not be too bad, but a number of rules may still be alien to you. For example, you may not be used to getting a 'roadworthy' certificate each year for your primary mode of transportation, and if this date is quickly approaching, you may need to take some action first. Read More 

Methods of Truck Fleet Maintenance and Truck Repair

Truck fleet maintenance and repair are important for any business that uses trucks to transport products. Regular maintenance should be adhered to in order to prevent greater problems with your vehicles. Maintenance will include measures that drivers, owners and auto services can use. If your truck needs a repair, there are a number of companies that offer this service. Some services will offer both truck maintenance and truck repair. Maintenance Read More 

Do You Know If Your Timing Belt Is About to Fail?

As you may know, an internal combustion engine harnesses the power of an explosion when electricity, fuel and air come together in a small chamber. This forces a piston downward to turn a shaft, which ultimately transmits power to the road wheels. While this is where all the energy is generated, nothing would happen without a carefully orchestrated sequence of events that are timed to the split-second and controlled by one crucial component — the timing belt. Read More 

Why You Need to Frequently Check Wheel and Tyre Alignment on Your Car

When you think about regular auto servicing, you tend to think about brakes, oil change, transmission and engine updates, but you may be missing a significant piece of the puzzle. While all of the aforementioned areas need regular attention if you are to maintain your car, you should also consider servicing your wheels and tyres. Why is this just as important? A Complex Balance As the four wheels fitted to your car endure a lot of wear and tear, it's crucial that they are properly set up, mated with the tyres correctly and frequently rechecked. Read More